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Legal Disclaimer

The items we sell are brand new, authentic and quality-checked item before they are made available for sale. They are sold in compliance with UK resale laws (under contract law). In some instances, the branding may have been discretely defaced by the supplier for contractual reasons with the brand (original labels are neither missing nor removed in such cases). 

To avoid consumer confusion, and as per law, we are required to give full details of the products in their descriptions (value, quality, origin, etc.). This is honest, referential use - descriptive - in accordance with honest practices in industrial or commercial matters and as per UK law, does not constitute trademark infringement (Section 11(2)(b), Trade Marks Act 1994). Furthermore, under Section 12(1) of the Trade Marks Act 1994, a registered trade mark is not infringed by the use of the trade mark in relation to goods which have been put on the market in the European Economic Area under that trade mark by the proprietor or with his consent.

We sell surplus stock - repackaged - originally made for brands and source it from established UK-based suppliers. Our items are sold by FD&K, not the brands. We are re-sellers and not the manufacturers. We cannot be affiliated with the brands or their intellectual property. 

Images and copy on our listings are FD&K's (copyrighted). Any anti-competitive, and ill-informed claims and threats on I. P. infringement that risk FD&K's reputation and integrity will be rigorously defended through legal means using the above defences or Section 21 of the same Trade Marks Act (groundless threats). This includes defending claims of FD&K's goods being inauthentic which we are confident of being able to prove wrong using supporting documents. Selling fake products is illegal.