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Rewards Program


Here at FD&K we value your custom and want you to enjoy shopping with us. The fantastic products we have on offer at our online shop are already a bargain because they are high street brands offered here at a fraction of their usual price but we want to reward you even more so that shopping with FD&K becomes truly something to celebrate!


We keep it easy just like the rest of the shopping experience at FD&K. 

For every £1.00 spent at our online shop, you will be awarded 1 K Point. 

If you spend £19.00 or £19.99, you will earn 19 K Points. It's as easy as 1,2,3!


Once you have collected enough K Points and are ready to treat yourself, it is as simple as select, add and check out.

1) Select the item you want.

2) Add the item to your bag.

3) Cash-in your K Points when you checkout by clicking the 'Redeem' button.

During the checkout process, you will be advised as to how many K Points the order you are placing is worth. If you have any K Points to enjoy, you will be given the option to do so or you can keep collecting these points for future use.

There are a few more options to consider. You can: 

» Still treat yourself by using K Points to contribute towards a purchase even if you don't have enough K Points to cover the total cost of what is in your basket.  

» Celebrate in style by collecting enough K Points to meet the total cost of the item you want rather than part purchasing an item using K Points. 


K Points can be used towards the cost of an item rather than the delivery cost and as usual we will provide tracked delivery on all UK orders without exception!

You can start rewarding yourself from the moment you have collected just 1 K Point.

Points remain valid for one year. This calculation is based on your last order date. So for example if you have 100 K Points which expire next month but you place an order today, it will extend the validity of your first 100 K Points plus your new K Points for another 12 months. K Points are valid for a 12 month period from the day they are earned. 

We will let you know how many K Points your purchase is worth and these will be credited to your account once that order is confirmed as 'complete' at our end. This is to avoid disappointment as K Points will be reversed if an order subsequently fails to process, is cancelled, declined or refunded. 

We hope you enjoy celebrating with us!